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If you want to start your own business join our Harmony Second Hand team.

Here is what you need to start:

1. About 7 000 euro for:
    - One time franchise fee - 500 euro.
    - Two rents for a store about 120 m2 х 500 euro = 1000 euro
    - Store furniture - 2000 euro
    - Computer, printer, software - 1000 euro
    - Advertising materials - 500 euro
    - Shop Mix 1 and Shop Mix 2 for 1 month – 2000 euro
2. You also need a positive attitude towards this business.

We offer:

1. Unique trade system for selling second hand clothing.
2. The best quality products for a very competitive price.
3. We will help you to find the best store location for this business.
4. Flexible price system.
5. Special software program for your business needs.
6. List of rules for your best results.
7. Nonstop help for your growing.

The most frequently asked questions are:

Q. Is it necessary to have my own or rented store before I sign the franchise contract?
    A. Yes. (after our approval)
Q. Where will I buy the clothing?
    A. From our main warehouse in Shumen with your transport or through the service of Speedy, Econt, or the cargo train services.
Q. Will there be any training provided to me?
    A. Yes. There is a mandatory 3 days training program which includes: using the software, store arrangement, selling strategies, theft prevention and more.
Q. Will there be other Harmony stores in the city I apply for?
    A. Yes if the population is more than 50 000 people.
Q. For which cities can I apply?
    A. All the cities with population above 10 000 people – except: Shumen, Varna and Ruse.
Q. How long it will take to pay my investment back?
    A. From 3 to 6 months.